About Us

Paul Terry

Prior to becoming a full-time Consultant and Coach, I spent over 20 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, working for some of the largest organisations in the World, including Glaxo SmithKline, Astra Zeneca and MSD. I enjoyed a career in Sales, Market Access and Brand Marketing,  in both first and second-line leadership roles. During that time, I was involved in a wide variety of complex projects, contributing or leading teams to ensure that ultimately, patients could access appropriate medicines.

Before embarking on a corporate career, I enjoyed 10 years as a Registered Nurse and believe passionately in the value of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare working together.

Perhaps it’s the same thing that directed me towards Nursing; I’m intrigued by people and how we relate to one another. I’ve worked with many talented Marketeers and Account Managers, and am in awe of the dedication, innovation and pace that they bring to their roles. Yet as Dale Carnegie said, “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion” and I recognise the challenge that we all have, in creating meaningful customer engagement. 

As the commercial world continues to change at pace, the insights that help inform how we should communicate our brand value, quickly become outdated, customers change and the features that we offer, may no longer have the same benefit. Yet I wonder how often we take the time to really consider whether our value propositions are resonating? Do we really understand what our customer’s needs are, the pain they are trying to avoid, or the gains that we could help them to speed up? I would guess that as consumers, we have all been frustrated at times, when pressed to commit to something that we don’t recognise as being in our own best interests.  I genuinely have no need for replacement windows, so no matter how much discount I’m offered, the answer will still be “No thank you….”.

Paul Terry Associates provides Consultancy and bespoke solutions, to help you define and implement your customer engagement strategy. We have a strong heritage in Pharmaceuticals and are particularly well positioned to help guide clients through the labyrinth of the NHS. However, many of our tools and solutions apply to most customer-oriented organisations and we welcome opportunities to help you engage your customers more effectively.

At the heart of Paul Terry Associates, is a focus on helping you build stronger customer relationships; when these are strong, we enable ourselves to have robust conversations, that can lead to new ideas and possibilities. We aspire to be a trusted partner and are constantly striving to maintain our credibility, reliability and intimacy. 

 I have a unique blend of experience and purpose, that is grounded in first-hand knowledge of what it is like to lead and coach people in complex organisations. I have personally led countless training events and been instrumental in developing and enabling leadership programmes. I am an ILM Level 5 certified coach and work to the EMCC code of ethics.